May 19th, 2009

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Shortpacked!: His morning affirmation.

For the longest time, Michael Bay swore up and down that Megatron was not going to return in Revenge of the Fallen, and that any evidence to the contrary was part of a misinformation campaign. 

What lengths Dreamworks/Paramount has gone to perpetuate this ruse!  They have created fake footage of him to put in trailers, and Hasbro has produced a $45 toy (and several others!) for the first wave of product!  Those devious bastards. 

No, Megatron is back, and now he transforms into a tank!  And not an Earth tank.  Earth stuff is for chumps!  Instead, he transforms into a Cybertronic tank with blades and ... well, blades.  Dude is blades.   The robot mode looks only partally altered -- he's got treads for legs now, and instead of two symmetrical arms, he's got one that looks damaged and one that ends in a giant claw.  This does result in him looking slightly more like his Generation 1 namesake.  The shapes of his legs look a little more familiar, and the traditional giant-weapon-on-right-arm asymmetry has been restored.  

But dang, that's a long-ass right arm.  It's basically as long as he's tall.  And there's no elbow to speak of.  That can be annoying. 

Like his casemate, Optimus Prime, he has "Mech Alive" action in his torso.  When you push down on the gold lever on his sternum, about 30 panels in his chest shake about, his head turns, and he screams "I AM MEGATRON!"  Optimus Prime's toy says "I am Optimus Prime," so this means the two can have an interesting discourse on nomenclature.  Though if volume sells it, Megatron's a shoe-in.  Megatron's "I AM MEGATRON!" line attempts to recreate the declaration he makes as he woke up from his thousand years-nap in the first film, but it doesn't sound exactly like Hugo Weaving to me.  Definitely close, though. 

His robot mode's got these toes.  I don't know why they're there!  They don't help stability, and they only serve to make him look less like the CGI still promo images circulating the Internet.  The CGI stills show his feet ending in treads that split into two toes, but those toes are still made of treads.  These just seem to be normal mechanical toes.  You can achieve a greater likeness by just leaving them folded up.  Plus I just think it looks better.

Megatron's transformation to tank mode is a lot more complicated than these images let on, but the process is still in no way as complicated as the other toys in the line.  Everything holds together very sturdily, too.  Excessive yanking is required to unpeg parts from other parts.  The tank does end up with the robot head facing forward, peeking out between the front treads, but apparently that's called for by the CGI model.  He likes to grimace at you as he runs you down!  

ROTF Megatron is a bit taller than the first movie's Megatron, and that's good!  The new Optimus Prime is taller, too, and I don't want my Primes to dwarf my Megatrons.  Megatrons should be bigger and monstrous!  Hasbro has also opted not to glaze him in blue on the first go-around, and instead go straight to the black/gray.  (I very sloppily painted over my first-movie Megatron with grays, but purposefully left a hint of blue uncovered.  It is such a poor job that I have waffled on whether I should bother to try to eBay him.  I would feel sorry for whoever ended up with him.) 

Speaking of eBay, my BotCon Alpha Trion/Weirdwolf set is still up for auction!  As of this writing, it's going for about $100, which is just about what I bought him for at the convention.  Not a bad deal so far, then, for potential bidders!