May 18th, 2009

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Shortpacked!: Don't drink and drive.

Revenge of the Fallen Sideswipe is bound to drive a lot of purists nuts.  He's a Corvette Stingray, so you'd think he'd be Tracks.  But no, he's Sideswipe!  And so you'd think he'd be red.  No!  He's silver, just like every other sportscar in the live-action films!  But at least there'll be his twin brother, Sunstreaker, right?  No, there's a pair of twins in the movie and Sideswipe isn't one of them!  Everything is wrong!

Meanwhile, they'll feel further conflicted because Sideswipe looks pretty fuckin' bad ass. 

I mean, just look at him.  If Transformers have sex, he's getting it every night.  From hot girl Transformers.  (Or hot boy Transformers, if he were Tracks.)  He's got a well-proportioned athletic build, wheel-feet on the ends of cheetah-like legs, and giant friggin' swords mounted on his arms.  And look at all that attention Dreamworks and Hasbro gave to his crotch.  Sure, his thighs connect via the usual balljoint to his torso, but there's also these rubber-plastic hydrolics that articulate with his legs as you move them about.  The leg love doesn't end there.  As you bend him at the knees, blue plates at his kneecaps slide in and out. 

Checking the publicity stills of him, the toy looks pretty accurate to the CGI model.  The biggest glaring difference are the chunks of vehicle in front of his wheels.  I can forgive Hasbro that because otherwise this dude ain't standing up.  Truth be told, it's tough enough already.  His rolling wheels are set just a smidge lower than his toes and heels.  The Robot Heroes figurine has a similar problem.  It actually has nothing more than wheels for feet, so you have to prop him up using one of his swords. 

Transformation-wise, Sideswipe's actually a little rougher to get out of vehicle mode into robot mode than vice versa.  This is pretty much the opposite of every Transformer -- especially ones who turn into real sports cars.  It's easier to push all of his robot parts back into the underside of the car than to wrestle them out, you see.  

Another thing that bothers me is how loosely his waist pegs up into the underside of the chest.  It looks like it should clip more securely, and it may just be my specimen that screws this up, but it doesn't hold on very well.

As of now, Sideswipe is kind of a nobody to me.  Even his back-of-the-card bio says little more than "he likes to fight!"  And so all he really has going for him at the moment are his awesome wheel legs and swords.  Here's hoping the film manages to distinguish him. 

I'm starting to get a pretty good collection of Revenge of the Fallen dudes going.  I sadly had to scoot my loyal army of Dinobots away to make room for them on my desk.  Need to find another place for those guys...