May 14th, 2009

too!, Frenzy wants to read


Shortpacked!: I think you're supposed to face the other way for those.

There's just under a day left in the auction for the Funky Creepycreepy original art.  At the moment, it's still looking quite affordable at just under $30!  

But let's get to the good stuff.  The toyline for the first live-action Transformers movie was a crazy success.  Hasbro could put out just about damn near anything and people would clean it from the shelves in a mad frenzy.  So looking at this toy, I imagine Hasbro says to themselves, "Well, shit.  Let's do some crazy altmodes that marketing would otherwise roll their eyes at."

"Let's do a biplane."

Aw, hell yeah.  Hasbro had me at "biplane."  I'll probably be skipping most-if-not-all of the rest of the Basic size class, but I'm not missing a biplane.  Specifically, Ransack seems to be a Pfalz D-III, a German breed of biplane.  At least, that's what I was able to pinpoint it as, after some Google image searches.  There's not very many biplanes with that engine up front!  (EDIT: I've just been told it might be a Albatros D.III...)

The rest of the aspects of this toy are merely secondary to me.  His robot mode is suitably steampunkish and skeletal.  He's an archaic-looking guy.  His bio calls him obsolete, an outdated hasbeen who was a feared flying ace in his day.

Transformation-wise, he's not far from the original Powerglide toy.  The lower half of his wings fold up against the sides of his torso to form shoulders, and his arms unfold from there.  The tail of the plane separates into legs, and he walks around on the tailfins.  As a diversion from the Powerglide transformation, his head pops up out of the nose of the plane, which becomes his chest, and the top layer of wings swing down to form a cape. 

Once you get everything pegged into place, his plane mode is pretty stable.  His arms do like to pop out of their balljoints during transformation, though, so be gentle there if you want to keep him intact during the process.  Otherwise, he's a dream!  And he's a friggin' biplane.  Nothing else matters.