May 13th, 2009


It's apparently Trek week.

Shortpacked!: Choose one spelling of "John Connor" and stick with it!

So after yesterday's auction bonanza, I'm going to be coming off as a real shill!  Why?  Because it's time for yet another sale on Joyce & Walky! subscriptions.  From now (Wednesday night) until midnight tomorrow (Thursday night), you can get the first year of member-only J&W! for a donation of just $10!  That's a savings of $14.  I know some of you have missed out on these deals, because I always get your email the following week. :)  Click the button for donatification!

Offer expired!

My aim is to put a dent in the cost of buying a new laptop.  Our previous one has been dead for a while, but I'm going to need one before the end of the month if I'm to update Shortpacked! from BotCon.  (And from San Diego Comic-Con and from Connecticon and from Wizard World Chicago...)  So a purchase of a year of J&W! goes towards keeping this site happy during my long summer absences! 

Last week I bought my first 3-3/4"-scale Marvel figure.  Black Spider-Man!  He's basically why the scale exists, for me.  I've had designs.  Nerdy Transformers-related designs.

Like recreating the cover to The Transformers #3.  

As luck would have it, it's also a good part of the reason I got Masterpiece Megatron!  Funny how that works.  Unfortunately, the stories about his feet rusting like a very-easily rustable thing were true.  I got him out of storage and hoo boy were they all terrible-looking.  So I had to go and get some Turtle wax or whatever and scrub it off.  He's got metal parts inside his torso, too, but I mostly wanted to get him presentable for the photograph, so I'll polish those parts later.  

You know what's not fun?  Twisting about 30 twist-ties together, cobbled from my recent toy purchases.  Man, how do those underpaid Asian factory workers do it?  My fingers are all sore. 

Anyway, that's my tribute to Megatron's (first) battle with Spider-Man.  It makes me a happy nerd.