May 8th, 2009



Joyce and Walky!: But I'm not bitter!

One of the neatest things about Canadian Joe Convention was their speed-painting competition.  It really sounded neat, but I was hesitant to leave my table.  But after some prodding, I joined one of the two tables in the lobby.  

See, in a G.I. Joe speed painting competition, you have one hour to complete a custom G.I. Joe.  You reach your hand blindly into a box full of "frankensteined" Joe figures and pull a random figure out.  ("Frankensteined" means it's a Joe with random parts.  Random torso, random arms, random legs, random head, and random accessories, assembled to form a new guy.)  This guy is going to be your painting experiment.  You have 45 minutes to make him look presentable.  And it'll be rough!  He's all random colors, since he's all random parts.  His pantlegs don't match his pantcrotch.  His shirt sleeves don't match his shirt torso.  

Oh, and mine had a completely unpainted head.  It was all black!

After the 45 minutes are up, you have 15 minutes to let the paint dry.  During that fifteen minutes, you must give the guy a name and write him a filecard.  I gotta tell ya, 15 minutes is not long enough for this paint to dry.  Stuff I'd painted at the BEGINNING of the contest was still sticky at hour's end!  Man, that was some ornery paint they gave us.

Speaking of paint, your options there are limited, too.  They give you one small squirt of black, and you gotta share it with the other folks.  An assortment of other colors in paint tubes is supplied, but that's also just the luck of the draw. 

All the limitations just made the competition more fun.  Yay, challenge!

We were split up across two tables, and the themes present between them were pretty interesting.  The other table seemed to focus on more tasteful, subdued colors.  Mostly grays.  Our table was the 1990s G.I. Joe table!  Orange and yellows abounded!  Oh, and the guy across me got a dog, which he painted in patches of clashing colors.  I hope that guy's all right.  

I, of course, finished with nothing remotely close to winning-worthy.  I don't know who won, but it was probably one of the folks from the other table.  They had some nice figures at the end.  Mine was all blotchy and rushed-looking.  I am a terrible painter.  I am proud of the orange safety cap I gave his gun, though.  Oh, and the Civil War mustache.  Hee hee hee.

I have a few toys from the convention exclusive box set up for auction!  Three days left!