May 6th, 2009


He wins because he's dumb!

Shortpacked!: Potty time!

Woof!  I was all set for watching the hour-long finale of Scrubs tonight, but at the comic book store this afternoon, they gave us free passes to an early showing of Star Trek.  Dammit! 

So at some point in time today, the real David Willis, who loves Scrubs more than his own peepee but is apathetic about Star Trek had been replaced by an imposter.  An imposter who went to see Star Trek instead of the Scrubs finale.  I don't understand.  Well, I do.  It's called Tivo, but it still seems like a very un-me move.

So anyway, we got home from it an hour ago, I crammed in some Scrubs, and I was left with about ten minutes to take photos and write a blog post and... oh right, I wanted to put an auction up.  Dammit! 

Give me a moment here.

Ahh, there we go.  To the left are Back-Stop and Chacal Noir!  (Chacal Noir apparently means "Black Jackal.")

I have them, their stickers and accessories and filecards, and Back-Stop's vehicle, the Dead Eye, up for auction!

Back-Stop is the bestest Canadian G.I. Joe there is. Or maybe the only one. Either way, dude loves his donuts and hockey. He's mostly Serpentor parts, which is kind of weird and neat at the same time. Chacal Noir is the frumpy dude to the right with Serpentor's head but mostly he's Steeler parts. Filecard says: "His main advantage is his complete ignorance of the odds against him at any given time." His superpower is ignorance! That's pretty fun. He wins because he doesn't know he can lose!  His bio card was written by LARRY HAMA. I hear that if I type that name in all caps, G.I. Joe fans will pay attention. Let's try that again. LARRY HAMA. Phew! It's like yelling "boobies" in an all-boys camp.

These guys were super-limited to just 100 pieces.  It's too bad, because while I really wanted that chrome HISS, I think the other dudes may find homes that appreciate them better.  So up they go!  Please enjoy.