May 5th, 2009

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You gotta know just when to fold

Shortpacked!: And now we know too much.

Speaking of things that feature nemeses without names, Scrubs is ending tomorrow.  Full-hour season finale!  Okay, okay, they'll probably bring it back next season without J.D. and I'll still watch it religiously and buy it on DVD without fail, but it's still sort of ending!  I am a sad panda.  

Remember that toy-drought that was supposed to happen?  Well, it's going to be more like a slight dry spell.  Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen's toyline shelf date is not as ironclad as once believed, as certain things are beginning to trickle into stores.  Wal-marts seem to be getting in some of the nontransformable merchandise like the Robot Replicas, there's reports of Fred Meyer stores on the west coast getting in actual transformable Deluxes, Voyagers, and Leaders, and Target's getting in the first wave of Robot Heroes

Yesterday I picked up some Robot Heroes.  It's a pretty big first wave, consisting of six pairs of guys!  The Sideways/Sideswipe pair was nowhere to be found, which is too bad, because I like guys named Sideways.  Though, disappointingly enough, this appears to be the first guy named Sideways who's actually not the same guy as all previous Sidewayses.  Dammit!  (This can always be fixed in fanfic.)

I actively skipped the Optimus Prime and Blackout set.  I already have that Blackout figurine two times already in slightly different colors, and I also have a pile of Primes, albeit not this particular sculpt.  But, as mentioned, this is a pretty big wave!  I could afford (so to speak) to leave one set behind, especially if I didn't get any new guys in it.

This wave is a little weird to discuss, mostly because I have little to no idea who many of these guys are.  The first image up to the left are all the Autobots I brought home.  I know Bumblebee.  Then there's this green helicopter named Springer who nobody seems to know anything about.  He's got two toys announced, a small Legends-class thing and... this.  There's not even any stolen information out there about him.  Complete cipher.  And then there's the "twins," Mudflap and Skids.  Much more ado is made about them, but I probably won't legitimately care about (or possibly despise) them until seeing the movie in two months.  

(By the way, watch out for Mudflap's waist rotational joint.  It feels like it's gonna break off when you try to turn it....  Maybe that's not a universal problem.)

The Decepticon figurines from this wave fare slightly better, if only because half of them are returning characters.  Starscream!  (A redeco of the first Movie Starscream figurine with new Cyberglyphics tattoos.)  Megatron!  (In a new tread-legged body.)  And two Constructicons, Rampage and Long Haul.  I feel safe saying that even after the movie, I won't know much more about the two Constructicons other than "they go boom and make growly noises!"  Unless ROTF is drastically different from the first movie, it probably won't characterize its Decepticons well.  I do like the Constructicons' figures a lot.  Long Haul has a very solid, well-proportioned design and Rampage's whip-arms are pretty neat.  Judging by the dirt thrown up around his base, he appears to be jackhammering the ground or something.  Nifty.

Hasbro claimed back at Toy Fair that their Robot Heroes this year would feature additional articulation, but nothing in this wave supports that.  In fact, there's fewer rotatable heads in this wave versus the average.  Perhaps they were speaking of later waves...  Another interesting thing: all of the new sculpts except Long Haul have little pegholes under their feet.  Hmmm...

But these guys are just appetizers.  The main event will be Robot Heroes ROTF Ravage