May 4th, 2009


I want to see a chromed AWE Striker named L.O.V.E.

Shortpacked!: There's no where to hide.

So I totally got myself the Canadian G.I. Joe Convention toy set, which includes the H.A.T.E. tank.  I had to have it, once I realized it would go perfectly with Pimp Daddy Destro.  The HATE (HISS Armored Tank Elite) came in a boxed set (similar to BotCon toy sets, with the die-cut foam insert) with three guys and a second vehicle.  One of the three guys was the HATE driver, who seems to be a simple emblackened 25th Anniversary HISS tank driver.  

Like the rest of Joe Canuck's history of characters, the HATE and its driver are explicitely Canadian-themed.  The HATE itself was created from a secret experimental Canadian Cobra program, and the driver's filecard mentions that all of the HATEs' drivers must absolutely positively be Canadian.  If they ever left the country for more than a month, they'd be removed from the program!  Woof.  Strict! 

And so our blinged-out HISS tank has a fun little Canadian Cobra logo on it: the Cobra logo superimposed over a maple leaf.  (It's not super big in the photo to the left, but it's the rear-most red circle.) 

The HATE is definitely as super-chromed as advertised.  Shiny!  Though I have to say, the chromed seatback inside the cockpit looks really friggin' uncomfortable.  The rest of the interior, with the field of chromed buttons, dials, and other controls, reminds me of the inside of the spaceship from Flight of the Navigator.  I guess the seats of FotN's spaceship were chromed too, so there is at least some precedent.  

Unlike the FotN spaceship, it remains to be seen if the HATE's radio can play "I Get Around" by the very American Beach Boys.  That might be a violation of its Canadian nationalism.