May 3rd, 2009


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Shortpacked!@TNI: Ripped from last week's headlines!
Shortpacked!:  Lessons learned from Spotlight: Jazz.

Man, I was really tempted to just plow through with more story this week.  Friday's strip resulted in traffic bonanza (scroll down), and the businessman in me wanted to milk it.  But, no, this was my planned resting point.  In the future I will remember, though, that doing some relationship dramedy did not make any of the sky fall, and instead gave me some remarkably consistent traffic stats.  Mwa ha ha ha ha. 

The Canadian G.I. Joe Convention was pretty damn fun!  It's pretty lively, for a smaller-than-BotCon affair, and both the staff and the attendees seemed pretty dedicated to having a good time.  And everyone, both staff and attendee, gave their unsolicited condolences for our dear departed hamster.  Canadians are polite and sweet!  If you like G.I. Joes and live near Toronto, it's a good way to blow a Saturday.  

(Plus, their Speed Painting contest was really awesome, but I'll get to that in more detail on a later day.)

To the left is some art I drew at the convention, commissioned by a fellow named John.  John is best known as "That Guy Who Wins All the Raffle Prizes."  He wanted to see "my take" on a Joe/Transformers crossover, and this is what he received.  

We drove back through Niagra Falls on our way home, and I gotta tell you, that place is a quagmire.  The signs deliberately lead you in circles.  To simply leave its Las Vegas-y claptrap, I had to ignore the signs and play it by visuals.  (I have never seen so many buffets in all my life.)

You may be asking, regarding the TNI strip, why Shattered Glass Ravage?  Shouldn't that be a crocodile, like Skullcruncher?  No!  Because I was stupid.  Instead, I had SG Ravage on the brain because while I was gone, the Shattered Glass text story, "Eye in the Sky," was released. Our favorite Twitter-using kitty makes his fictional debut therein.  Writers Greg Sepelak and Trent Troop went a more LOLCATS route with him, versus the "hypermanic teenager" portrayal I'd conceived, but the basics are still there.   He still microblogs and likes to wave.  It's a fun story, so if you're a Transformers Collectors' Club member, please check it out.