April 30th, 2009

too!, Frenzy wants to read

Sandstorm really needs some stickers.

Shortpacked!: Re-read the entire series with this in mind, and it's kind of illuminating.

Yesterday I showed off some of my Beast Era Wreckers with their new shiny Wreckers faction logo stickers.  Here's some of the G1 guys!  I do have three Infernos and two other Springers somewhere, but this smattering of Wreckers should satisfy for now. 

That's right, I put a Wreckers symbol on the only Springer toy who was never a Wrecker.  I defy you, Classics fiction!  *shakes fist*

Small note: Man, the stickers on my Jumpstarters are just barely staying on.  Touch them, and the whole sticker just flakes off in one piece.  Hooray for superglue.  These guys are so old!

SO HEY!  This is the last time I'll be mentioning that I'm gong to be in Hamilton, Ontario, this weekend for the G.I. Joe Canadian Convention.  Because, you know, we're leaving some time tomorrow.  I will most likely be mentioning the convention after this weekend, but not in the context of how I'm going there.  See, I'll have gone. 

It will have been over. 

The big Transformers Revenge of the Fallen trailer is up!  Not the teaser, not the other teaser, but the big-ass real trailer!  Explosion-saturated footage galore!  Check it out over at Yahoo!Movies.