April 29th, 2009


More enstickerifying!

Shortpacked!: She made me a lesbian, too.

It's been a while since I got those Wreckers faction logo stickers.  (Available from Reprolabels.com!)  They needed to be on more Wreckers than just Sentinel Maximus!

So today I had a little enstickering.  I gathered what few Wreckers toys I had lying about, both G1 and Beast Era, and found places for Wreckers logos.  Gotta tell ya, the Beast Era dudes were the difficult ones.  They definitely weren't designed for stickers!  No flat surfaces.  

Ramulus, in front, was probably the hardest.  He is nothing but sculpted detail, from techy wires and greebles to sculpted fur.  I found the only flat-ish surface area on the front of him, which happened to be his left shoulder, appropriately enough, and applied the smallest sticker size in the set.

Arcee's went right over her very tiny normal Autobot logo tampoed on her chest.  Rodimus Major's went over his previous logo, as well, easy cheesy.

Apelinq, I just figured he's the leader, sort of, so I grabbed a big one and put it on his hairy meaty pectoral.  It's also one of the flatter places on him, so that worked out sort of okay.