April 28th, 2009


Look out behind you!

Shortpacked!: In which I order my comics for maximum assholiness.

You may have heard that I'm going to be in Hamilton, Ontario, this weekend for the Canadian G.I. Joe Convention!  On the radio!  Yeah, I'm apparently a selling point.  On the radio.  That is all kinds of weird!

(I wonder if that affects my Wikipedia Notability...)

In preparation for the weekend, I threw together some G.I. Joe-themed art to offer at my table.  That's right, it's Robo-J.O.E. versus Destro!  Star Brigade-style!  What else would I depict?  Seriously, it's me.  I've got them all printed out and ready to go, along with some of the Snkrs prints that need to be in the mail tomorrow.  

Where is my 25th Anniversary Robo-J.O.E.?

I'm waiting.