April 27th, 2009


Ravage is the one that's waving.

Shortpacked!: Well!

Phew!  I was this close to buying a Star Trek toy from Playmates just so I'd have something to talk about on today's blog.  But probably the only thing more depressing than dead hamster talk is the Playmates Star Trek line, so...

But I lucked out!  My Shattered Glass Decepticon symbol sticker set came in the mail from Captured Prey.  They were created exclusively for their website by Reprolabels.com, which is where I get all my other stickers from, so you know they're gonna be pretty darn good.  And they shipped super fast!  I only got the Decepticon ones for now, but I fully intend to get the other two sets later.

With these SG Decepticon faction logo stickers, I can take full advantage of the Shattered Glass universe's rampant toy repurposing.  "Repurposing" is what happens when you use an older toy, usually an obscure one without much or any fiction, to depict a different, new character.  Fans have been doing this unofficially for forever.  Hell, when I was ten I repurposed my Ultra Magnus as Optimus Prime.  But official stuff does it, too. 

Here we have Cybertron Astrotrain, Robots in Disguise Bludgeon, and e-Hobby Glit, which official sources have repurposed as mirrorverse versions of Astrotrain, Bludgeon, and Ravage.  All these toys would be otherwise packed away in our attic, but repurposing gives these old toys new life and an excuse to put them out in more current shelving displays. 

(I just wish the sticker set came with a logo big enough to fit over the giant-ass Decepticon logo on Astrotrain's back.  Oh well!)