April 26th, 2009

Aww man!

Parents should never have to outlive their children

Snkrs passed away this afternoon, probably in his sleep.  He had quite a bit of painkiller in him, so I'm certain (mostly hoping) that he didn't die in any amount of pain.  Maggie went upstairs after we had walked to the grocery store to get some hydrogen peroxide to dab her operation wound with, per doctors orders, and she found him there. 

The most terrible thing was making sure his brother Ani got to say goodbye.  He started sniffing and grooming at Snkrs, and I'm still not sure if he knew what was going on, or if he ever will.  I hope he won't be too lonely.  Oh dear, now I'm bawling.

He was our baby.  Our indomitable little ham.

Aww man!

An unlimited print for an unlimited hamster

Shortpacked!@TNI: I am a total dweeb.
Shortpacked!: Look, a joke!

Just one week until Canadian G.I. Joe Convention!  Saturday, May 2, come see me up in Hamilton, Ontario. 

To be frank, we were a little worried about how we'd fare traveling this weekend leaving behind a very sick ham.  But, uh, Snkrs sort of resolved that for us.  Poor little ham.  We've been watching a lot of videos of him today.  He's like our first kid, so we've got archives and archives. 

I'm not sure how much of this I should talk about in public!  It's very strange.  But please humor me.  If you don't want to hear gruesome burial details, skip to the next paragraph.  Maggie cradled him this evening for quite a bit, like one long last hug.  When he was alive, Snkrs would often fall asleep in her hand.  He trusted her so completely, which is odd for a hamster.  It was her favorite thing, and made her feel as connected as you can to an animal which probably doesn't perceive you as much of anything.  But after some sobby goodbyes all around, he's in the freezer now.  He's inside a Super Mario Bros tin (the ones from PopCo) but all snuggled up in bedding from his cage, and tucked in with a Kleenex blanket next to his favorite foods.  Curled up, eyes closed, like one final nap.  We plan to get him cremated tomorrow. 

Maggie's going to print out the art I did yesterday of Snkrs.  If anyone else wants one, email me, and I'll throw a few extra copies into our print order.  I don't feel exactly right doing the whole full-fledged $25-limited-print thing, since it feels wrongly close to profiting off our poor departed hamster, but if you want to throw $15 at us to cover your costs, that'd be swell.  Maybe Snkrs will live on, enshrined upon the walls of our devoted readers.

Sorry about blathering about sad things.  I hope I get a new toy or something soon to talk about!  Stupid toy drought!  Why did I have to use up Dirge so soon?