April 25th, 2009


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We drove to the vet today with Snkrs cuddled in a towel, thinking we'd have to put the guy down.  He's actually been on medication for most of his life, as he's been dealing with a chronic infection around his eye that expanded to his snout, pushing out all of his top teeth.  We mash up his food (well, Maggie mashes up his food, because one day she will be Super Mom) and present it to him in small, lickable, separated piles.  And because he continued to eat and appear happy and his quality of life never seemed to decrease, we allowed him to persist. 

But that changed last night, and it scared us.  After getting his antibiotics and his pain medication and his eyedrops, he refused his favorite food for the first time.  We freaked out, waited to see how he was in the morning, and he was faring no better.  He hobbled around, lashed out at ham and human alike, and kind of dragged one of his feet behind him.  He was no longer happy, and it seemed the medication was no longer helping.  So Maggie made the sobbiest call to the vet, and we took the terrible trip to the vet.

We honestly thought it was the end for the poor ham.  We tried to feed it its favorite foods (he refused them), hoping its last day or so wouldn't be a total waste, and Maggie held the hamster coddled in a towel for the duration of the trip.  It would be his last hurrah.

But the vet had better ideas!  She thought it would be worth it to lance the abscess out and remove all the pus that had grown around his face.  It had probably made living kind of a pain, but she was certain that Snkrs could live on if he survived the surgery.  That's the thing with hamsters - anesthesia doesn't do too great with them.  There was a good chance they could put him under for the operation and he would never wake up. 

No, Snkrs will never, ever die, apparently.  He survived the procedure (photo above!), and we can add it to the long, long list of things he should have died from in his short 1-and-eight-months life thus far.  He is a hardy, hardy ham.  And now all he needs is a little rest.

Ham art!

When we were on the way to the vet, thinking we'd have to put Snkrs down, I kept on thinking about how I wanted to draw him.  Maybe that's how I work through my grief.

He lived, but I still had that urge!  So why not?  Hamster doesn't have to be dead.  So I drew him anyway, based on this old strip, and maybe I'll print it out and show it to him.  He'll love it, I'm sure.  Well, if I smother it in pumpkin seeds, anyhow.

I battled over whether to give him the teeth.  He doesn't have them anymore!  But it's part of his "character model," and it helps the art's cuteness.  Maggie convinced me to leave them in, and I'm glad I did.

We have to give Snkrs his medicine soon!  That will be rough.  We think of him as very fragile now, and he's been very big into napping this evening, due to his stressful day.  Wish us luck.