April 21st, 2009


I am the Bots master.

Shortpacked!: What?  Learning?!  What is this?

I'm opening up my top leaderboard ad space to Project Wonderful bids.  Have at it!

Figgered I'd take my empty review days as an opportunity to photograph some shelves.  This forces me to actually reassemble them!  And, you know, pick up the loose odds and ends that belong to these shelves but were scattered around the house.

Maggie will be appreciative, I'm sure.

This is the Autobot shelf for my Universe/Classics/25th Anniversary stuff.  Cliffjumper's not here 'cuz he's over with the Shattered Glass Decepticons, but otherwise this is a more-than-complete assemblage of non-Mini-Con dudes. 
That's right, more-than-complete!  Supra-complete!  For example, I continue to "cheat" my three girl-bikes in the center there as Firestar, Moonracer, and Chromia.  And there's Movie Breakaway posing as Getaway, but that's who he was supposed to be originally anyway, so I don't feel too bad.  And oh no!  That Ultra Magnus armor isn't official!

Hey, did you know that Bumblebee wasn't actually rebuilt into Goldbug, but that his upgrade was some sort of clay-like outer skin that can quickly shatter off him like broken pottery when he crashes into something?   Well, me neither!