April 20th, 2009


Can you dig it?

Shortpacked!: Hahaha, you thought we'd cut to one-shots this week, didn't you?

I noted in my Henkei! Dinobot write-up that he works pretty well, color-wise, with BotCon 2006's pre-Beast Dinobot toy.  I will amend, after actually comparing them under good lighting, that none of their colors are perfect matches, but they still both have the same feel. 

Have a photo of 'em together.  Why?  'Cuz I didn't feel like talking about Animated Dirge today.  Besides, we're entering that Transformers toy drought that pretty much lasts from here until BotCon, when the Revenge of the Fallen toys debut.  Might as well hold on to Dirge for a day or two!

Today I managed to complete (to the best of my knowledge) Optimus Prime's Marvel Comics section, or at least the Generation 1 portion of it.  That was a lot of writing!  It took about a week.  The section just by itself is too big to be its own page, and when you go to edit, it gives you a warning about its enormous size.  

Optimus Prime was in a lot of stuff. 

Of course, it could be worse.