April 19th, 2009


Ponderous. Slaggin' ponderous.

Shortpacked!@TNI: A welcome reprieve!
Shortpacked!: Buckets of Bl-- heyyyyyyy.... *re-edits comic to include pun*

G.I. Joe: Resolute is here!  Finally, a Joe cartoon where I can be on the edge of my seat wondering which of my favorite, beloved childhood characters is next to meet their gruesome, unceremonious end.  (Link for nonAmericans: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmahUDrswxY

Yay, Animated Cliffjumper!  He's scarcer in the United States than a dude who likes France, so I got one sent to me from New Zealand.  New friggin' Zealand!  (Thanks, invisiblemoose from New Zealand!  Have your books arrived yet?)

Animated Cliffjumper hasn't really had an Earth mode, since he's yet to leave Cybertron, so this toy doesn't represent him exactly.  It's close enough, though!  If he ever goes to Earth, this is basically how he's doomed to look.  Wasp had to be a differently-colored version of Bumblebee's car mode, too. 

Being an Activator, Cliffjumper has one of those neat quick-change transformations.  When he's in vehicle mode, press the blue button on his roof, and he's mostly in robot mode in the blink of an eye.  All you have to do is fold his feet up and play with his "elbows."

I put little sarcastic quotes around "elbows" because the jointing there is really the only bothersome thing about this mold.  I'm not sure what they were going for.  His hands sort of hang around his ankles if you let 'em, and there's not really a natural configuration for them.  To appease myself, I cheat them up a bit, as seen in the photo, pretending his "elbow" is his "shoulder," but this results in some very far-forward shoulders.  Oh well!  

Cliffjumper's feet also don't want to peg all the way together in vehicle mode, either.  Activators Bumblebee's do, so it's not a problem with the mold itself, but I also don't know if it's just a problem with my individual Cliffjumper specimen.  He's pretty damn rare, so there's not many people to compare notes with on that issue...

Hasbro rarely retools Bumblebee a new head when they redeco him as Cliffjumper, so this is a special surprise.  For the Animated toyline, Hasbro does seem to place higher priority on characters and show-accuracy, so that may be why they bothered, instead of the usual paint-it-red-and-pretend.  Regardless, it makes me happy!