April 16th, 2009


We're all going to die anyway. Might as well help everyone along.

Shortpacked!: Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. 

Man, it was rough getting these guys to photograph in their correct colors.  Had to break out the gray backdrop.  Damn you, cyan!

Darkwind (previously "Darkwing," before trademark problems) is the hetero-life partner of Dreadwind.  Dreadwind was a BotCon exclusive back in 2007, and it hurt a little to get him but not his buddy. 

Well, hot dog!  Joe Kyde, our lord and master Hasbro deco dude, made us one from Universe Silverbolt.  Basically as soon as Silverbolt came out, people started digi-decoing Silverbolt as Darkwing, mostly because he's such an awesome fit.  To get this toy here in reality-world is amazing.

Which is saying something, 'cuz man, remember when I totally panned Universe Silverbolt?  Yeah, this toy is a bore.  You can transform him in about three seconds, and that's from a robot with a plane on his back to a plane with a robot on its underside.  And yet I hunted down this motherfucker like the last frosted cupcake ever.  And I like him!  A lot!  It even cost $5 more!  It just goes to prove that no matter how terrible I think a toy is, it can be redeemed by being a character that I really like.

What's he like?  Well, his buddy Dreadwind is sort of passively depressed.  He mopes so hard that it catches on, like a sinkhole of sadness.  But Darkwing himself, he's depressed too, but he wants to damn well make sure everyone else is just as depressed as he is.  He'll do anything in his power to ruin your day.  They make a good team.

Darkwing does look sort of plain, color-wise, but it's sure not for lack of paint.  Most of the obvious paint is on the tops of his wings, which don't show up in robot mode.  His ration of robot mode paint is used for stuff like making his forearms the "proper" colors.  I mean it, his entire forearms are just dunked in paint so they're blue instead of gray.  The colors, lay-out, variety of colors, and all are 100% true to the original toy.  Unfortunately, that does make him look kind of bland in robot mode.  He feels like he needs some detailing.

The original Dreadwind and Darkwing combined into a single jet mode that looked like their two jets smashed together.  You can try to make these two toys to do the same thing, but it won't be very stable.  I tried a number of configurations, but wasn't pleased enough with any of them to take any pictures.  But if you find a good combo, let us know!