April 14th, 2009


Ahrn hahd!

Shortpacked!: Everybody here is oh oh oh oh!

Here's Ironhide!

He's just like Ratchet, except now all of him is red except just some of him.  Wow!  He, uh, really mixes things up. 

It's the yellow stripe along the side of his vehicle (and in robot mode on his forearms) that keep him from being super super dull.  I've become really enamored of the yellow stripe over the years.  It's Ironhide's visual interest!  I wish the Universe upgrade had it.  The Henkei! version does, which tempts me.  It even ends up on the same place on his arm in robot mode!  But nah.  Not worth the 30 bucks.

Ironhide's all right, but he's no where near as awesome as Ratchet.  Ratchet is crazy suicide bomber medic.  And Ratchet's "sled" could easily be interpreted as a medical bay of some sort, while I'm not sure what Ironhide's does. He's a redneck, so maybe it deep-fries things. 

But the reissue is still a very welcome addition to my collection.  My vintage Ironhide this is replacing only had one arm!  I got him second hand twenty years ago.  For a buck!   (Not bad.)  Finally with two arms, Ironhide can be a slightly better bodyguard.  Another upgrade is that a few of his stickers are tampographs now!  No more peeling yellow stripes.  They're permanent, baby! 

Shame about the head.

BotCon.com posted a 5-page preview of this year's convention comic book, "Wings of Honor."  It's not bad!  It's not over- or under-ambitious, and seems to be a simple and straightforward stand-alone tale.  So far, it feels just about right for a 22-page story based around 10-odd toys.  Plus, hey, petrorabbits.  And I really want to know who that Autobot High Commander dude with the Floro Dery head is.  I feel like I should know, but my research turns up nothing.