April 13th, 2009


Mmmm, Carmellos.

Shortpacked!:  Gotta keep up that mystique.

Did you know that taxes are due in a day or so?  That's part of why I've got no review today.  Just a photo!  As an independent webcartoonist-type-person, I've got like a billion tiny different revenue streams I gotta figure out, and it just eats up all my time!

Ha ha ha.


Fine.  I've been spending all day hunting down clearance Easter candy.  That's why you get no Encore Ironhide today.  And maybe a side of seeing if there's any Universe Darkwinds out there.  And working on some wiki pages.  And, sure, twenty minutes of tax preparation.

Basically, I'm just a big time wasting loser. 

See you folks tomorrow.