April 12th, 2009


Sit on my face and tell me that you love me.

Shortpacked!@TNI: So much for post-9/11 thinking!
Shortpacked!: Oh, that's right.  This store has customers!

Another reminder for all you Canadian dudes: I'm going to be in Hamilton, Ontario, for the Canadian G.I. Joe Convention That's on Saturday, May 2, which is about three weeks from now.  I'll be bringing books with me to sell at a table!  Like a selling person!  I will also provide sketches.

My buddy Cholma got me some awesome Transformers last week.  The recent "Encore" reissues of the original Ratchet and Ironhide had been sitting idle in my Amazon wish list for quite a while, and so I was happy when last Monday morning they were in shipping boxes on my porch.  Woo!

I do have an original, vintage Ratchet, but he's not in the best shape.  He never had all of his accessories, since he was second-hand, and his paint and chrome were chipped.  But this one's brand-spanking new!  He's immaculate, even.  I'm not used to seeing this toy being so bright a white. 

Ratchet and Ironhide's mold was the dark horse of the original 1984 lineup.  All of the toys that year were cobbled together from unrelated Japanese toylines, and most of them were from Diaclone, which was about realistic vehicles that transformed into piloted mechs.  Ratchet's mold was part of that line, and you can really, really tell.  He doesn't have a head, he has a seat!  Transformers tried to fix this with, uh, a sticker.  The sticker goes on the seat.  Yeah, his head's a sticker.  

So when his toy was reissued a year or two back, Japan's all "well we can't have that" and so went with the cheapest fix they could find.  There's a punch-out chest-and-head printed into the inside flap of his cardboard box.  You shove that behind his windshield, and BAM!  Awkward-lookin' dude.  Woof!  It "fixes" the head, but it creates a new problem with the location of the shoulders! 

Well, that's certainly a curiosity.  Aaaaand the cardboard head goes back in the box.  Yeah, I'll stick with the ol' sticker head.  It's doofy, but ...  okay, "doofy" is a justification in itself.