April 9th, 2009



Shortpacked!: Robin, that's not a punishment.  For anyone.

Man, the differences in the Dinobots' browns sure is a lot more apparent in my photography.  In real life, maybe it's just the lighting, but they don't seem that different. 


Here's your damn Henkei! Henkei! Dinobot!  He's definitely the "good guy" colors versus the domestic version's "bad guy" colors.  Instead of a desaturated, almost gray brown, he's a deep chocolatey brown, with copperish gold instead of amber and blue instead of purple.  If you've got a BotCon 2006 Dinobot around, he's pretty much those colors exactly, but with tan stripes instead of gold.  It's the tan stripes that are probably the biggest deco difference between the two.  Universe Dinobot had a few obligatory amber stripes on his dino head and dino legs, but Henkei! Dinobot has tan stripes all the heck over.  (I do wish he also had them on his robot arms.  Since his shoulderpads are also unpainted, I wonder if those are unpaintable plastic...)

Despite all the tan stripes, I think my favorite deco difference between the two is the red slathered across the inside of his faux-rotate blade.  I'm something of a rotate blade fetishest, so that particular attention to detail pushes the right buttons.  

Henkei! toys require something to be chromed, and so they went with the blade of his sword, which is pretty appropriate.  His sword on the cartoon was shiny as hell!  (Well, okay, about half of everything on Beast Wars was shiny as hell.  It was 1996.)  I'm very thankful they didn't decide to also chrome his noggin as they did on Henkei! Cheetor.  That would have looked pretty tacky.  Though the chromed sword is accurate and looks nice, it does have the misfortune of calling attention to how stubby its tip is.  The stubbiness is, of course, required by law, considering it's a projectile, but things are what they are.

It's really hard to be objective about his colors.  Do I prefer the brown, gold, and blue because it's objectively better, or because I've been programmed to think that's what Dinobot looks like?  There's nothing technically wrong with Hasbro's desaturated, enpurpled take, and it's certainly more villainous.  But, man, that blue face and the blue joints, that just tickles my soul.

A small part of me wants to get another one and "finish" the job.  You know, add some tan stripes to his robot arms, some gold to his shoulder pads, and silver to his rigid grill structure.  But, eh.  That's another imported toy I'd have to buy, and for, honestly, minimal change.  Besides, if I know my Dinobots, they'll be redecoing this toy over and over until the end of time, towards an imaginary vanishing point of perfection that will never be achieved.  It is the way of things.