April 8th, 2009



Shortpacked!:  I'd reword that, Leslie.

You know, I thought this whole current Shortpacked! storyline was sort of playfully absurd, but then the French had to go and ruin it by making it feasible.  I was Tweeted this link this morning!  Oh, France.

Well played, Frenchies.  I'll just have to up my game, take this up a notch, and make it all pointlessly erotic!  France would never duplicate that!

The same time that Reprolabels put up their Wreckers symbols, they also offered an "upgrade" set for Universe Ravage and Hound.  Their new stickers for Ravage were intended to make him look more like a cassette tape in alt-mode, but they don't, really.  The alt-mode has a few too many gaps in it for that level of suspension of disbelief.

But it did make his jaguar mode look pretty cool!  I love Transformers that look like they turn into their altmode, and so this totally helped the Ravage toy, which basically looks like a mechanical jaguar and nothing else.  And so I added the Hound/Ravage upgrade set to my order.  

(That's right!  You all thought you were getting Henkei! Dinobot today!  Ha ha!  Suckers!)

Just Ravage's half of the sticker sheet was pretty extensive.  The labels are transparent but with deco, so you'll still see the the original plastic showing through.  I'm glad, because there is some molded detail under there.  I was able to keep some of it by running my fingernail along the grooves.  

The original Ravage had cassette detailing on one side, and the other side was sculpted up like a mechanical jaguar.  Part of his transformation was ignoring one side or the other!  But that's sort of impossible with Universe Ravage, due to the way he transforms, so it's extra nice that when he's in cassette tape mode, he's detailed on both sides.  

The stickers that are intended for Hound were to me an afterthought.  I applied the tiny ones for his dashboard, the stickers for the halves of his license plate... and then I decided, what the hell, I'll do the whole thing.  I'm bored!  And so I did.  I'm sort of ambivalent about it. 

I do like the gold stickers that detail his chest and the rear of his vehicle mode.  They remind me of the original toy's yellow stripes, but they're different and more elaborate.  There's also gold stickers to wrap around the yellow stripes on his forearms so that he matches himself better.  

But as I said, that's all just secondary.  I was into this sticker set for the Ravage.