April 6th, 2009


Mmmm, sticker application!

Shortpacked!: Place bets now!

Yikes!  Today I had a buttload of boxes on my porch.  The birthday motherload arrived!  Well, okay, most of it wasn't technically for last week's birthday, but stuff I ordered a long while ago just happened to arrive close enough to it that I sort of mentally consider it such.  My Henkei! Hot Shot and Dinobot came from Big Bad Toy Store, an order of Reprolabels came, and awesome presents from a friend arrived via Amazon!  Let's just say the review queue is filled for a week or so. 

I spent way too much time today opening and untwist-tying and stickering, much less actual work-I-should-be-doing, so I thought I'd highlight some lighter fare, rather than the stuff I have to take lots of photos of and evaluate up the whazzoo. 

Reprolabels.com finally put up Wreckers faction symbol stickers, thanks to the diligence of people like Rosicrucian.  I've been wanting those for forever.  Since, well, 2002 or so, when the Beast Era Wreckers and its symbol were debuted.  (It's basically an Autobot symbol with a hammer for its forehead.) 

My first victim was Sentinel Maximus, seen to the right.  He was actually supposed to have Wreckers symbols tampographed on him, but an error at the factory made them normal Autobot symbols instead.  Whoops!  Well, I fixed that.  One Wreckers symbol went on his shoulder and the other on the inside of his forearm, as was originally intended.  

It'll be a little rougher to get these faction logo stickers on several of the other Wreckers.  They don't tend to have flat, bare surfaces, as they're mostly Maximals, Predacons, or Vehicons.  But we'll see.  (Years ago, I had already applied one of the Wreckers symbols that came with BotCon Tigatron on G1 Springer.)

Well, yay!  Maybe tomorrow I can talk about Hot Shot or Dinobot or something.