April 5th, 2009



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Shortpacked: Let's get ready to rumble!

Target's having a super sale!  Remember the two Transformers Animated Target exclusives, one of which was Sunstorm/Ratchet?  Well, the other was a purple "True Color" Shockwave/Bumblebee.  And the sale lowers the price from $25... to $5.  

Oh, butt yeah!

So I went out and got myself a Shockwave for $5.  And the Bumblebee pack-in, too, of course.  The Bumblebee normally costs, just by himself, $7.99!  So, really, yeah, this is a pretty great deal.  I was hoping to avoid the Activators Bumblebee mold until the Cliffjumper version came out, but it's taking its sweet time, so oh well.

As you can guess, purple Animated Shockwave is purple because that's what color the original Shockwave was back in the day.  Animated Shockwave isn't purple to begin with because, you know, he's a double agent, disguising himself as a guy named Longarm Prime.  A big purple dude isn't exactly the most inconspicuous Decepticon spy!  Decepticons are purple!  So Shockwave/Longarm was gray and teal, which was a more neutral color scheme.

He may show up like this later in the season, now that Shockwave's cover is blown.  Art Director Derrick J. Wyatt put up a teaser image on April First that included purple Shockwave, but the caveat was that not all the characters in the teaser image would show up in the third season.  But if he doesn't?  Oh no, I wasted $5 on a $25 set!

In the meantime, I can chuckle at hilarious obviously-Decepticon Longarm Prime.  That's practically worth the $5 right there.

Updated with sadness:

I just found out that Frank Springer died on April 2!  Noooo!  He was the artist for the very first issue of Marvel's Transformers comic books back in 1984.  He drew the next three as well, plus the Headmasters miniseries later on.  His crowd scenes were the awesomest.  They were always so full of life, but they often went overlooked as they were invariably all doused in one color.  He was also rather good at pretty girls!  But most importantly, he drew this panel, which I've always found hilarious when seen without context.  He was 79.