April 2nd, 2009


I'm the one that's waving (goodbye to my twenties)!

Shortpacked!: Birthdays!

I was wondering about how exactly to sequence the order of events in the upcoming Shortpacked! installments, trying to maximize storytelling effectiveness, etc, yadda yadda, and I decided to go with today's strip for today, rather than smuggled in later.  It worked out pretty well, because I totally forgot that today, Friday, April 3, is Ultra Car's birthday!  Totally didn't plan that, really. 

Yeah, Ultra Car and I share a creation date.  I'm 30 today, but he's just 22.  Who knew I'd be careening into my fourth decade still drawing the stupid talking car who throws pies?  Ah, well.  There are worse things.

And just in time for my birthday, the next issue of the Transformers Collectors' Club magazine is in my mailbox!  It's special because this issue has a profile written up for Shattered Glass Ravage.  I wrote it!  I have now officially contributed towards Transformers canon in an almost significant way. (I, uh, named Akalo a long time ago, but that doesn't really count.)

The art is by Transformers artist superstar Evan Gauntt, and it's a piece that was commissioned from him by the Transformers Collectors' Club to be used as his Facebook image.  It's his magazine profile image too, but since it's freely available on the web already, I don't feel so bad showing it off here.  Mr. Gauntt followed my simplest of directions: he has to be jumping in Ravage's classic packaging art pose, but waving.  I thought that'd be appropriate.  And, aw, look how adorable he is!  Evan Gauntt is a king among men.

Yay!  I'm 30, I'm getting married, and I created a canonical Transformers character.  And I had Taco Bell tonight!  Things are lookin' pretty sweet.