April 1st, 2009



Shortpacked!: This is my nightmare.

Neither of the toys to the right are Thunder Clash. 

However, the one on the left was redecoed from Thunder Clash and the one on the right will be redecoed as Thunder Clash for BotCon this year.  (Or as "Thunderclash," apparently.  THERE IS A SPACE PEOPLES!  The space is what keeps him disambiguated from the Mini-Con!)  

Thunder Clash lived up to his name.  He had no fewer than, like, 15 colors on him.  No joke!  He had three shades of blue, some red, white, some pink, some gold... and that doesn't count the colors on his trailer.  

BotCon 2009's update of Thunder Clash does not differ.  It does drop some colors, sadly, like the pink windows, but I guess that was bound to happen.  It's difficult to map a toy that had 15 different plastic colors to a toy that had maybe four.  I do think it actually looks, uh, more clashy in this modern reinvention, mostly because if the colors in the photography are correct, all of him is pretty damn saturated.  The old Thunderclash had lots of colors, to be certain, but several of them were unsaturated.  They worked as well together as you can expect a 30-hue color scheme to work.   I hope some of the colors in BotCon's preview photography just don't photograph or translate to RGB well.  It'd especially be a shame if his medium blue were that bright.

But what really throws the whole thing off is the way they tried to decorate that vast blank slate on his chest.  The tiny Elite Guard symbol on his collar and the tiny winged eagle on his stomach?  That looks really terrible.  What the hell, dudes!  They should have just blanketed the whole chest with a tampo like they did on Checkpoint.  Argh.  It's a visual foulup that's hard to ignore.

Here's hoping for Reprolabels to step in and save the day!