March 30th, 2009


I'm goin' to Canada!

Shortpacked!: Stop breaking things!

Yay!  The imposition proofs for Roomies! Book One came in the mail today!  Yeah, it's not much to look out, but it serves a very important function.  I just leaf through it and make sure all the pages are in the right order!  That's pretty much it.  Then I give the okey-dokey, and the book gets printed in its proper binding and glossy paper.  Hot dog!

We're going to our first convention in Canada!  I'm a special guest at the Canadian G.I.  Joe Convention in Hamilton, Ontario!  That's Saturday, May 2, which is just a little over a month from now.  So, dude, if you're a Canadian fan, you can totally come down and see me.  I'll have a booth and everything!

Plus there'll be G.I. Joes.

So add that to the calendar of convention appearances by me.  I'll also be at San Diego Comic-Con and ConnectiCon at the end of July and into August.  Sweet deal?  I think so!

Well, this year's shaping up, appearance-wise!  It's like I'm one of those real webcomicker peoples.