March 24th, 2009


I'm back!

Shortpacked!: FIND THE HIDDEN NEWW INJOKE its not very hidden

Yay, I'm back from New England Webcomics Weekend! And almost as important as that, I've caught up on my Transformers Animated, my 30 Rock and The Office, and expecially my goddamned Battlestar Galactica. Whew! I can read the Internet again!

Man, what a hell of a get-together NEWW was. I'm serious. That was an awesome, awesome weekend, and that's due entirely to the efforts of Meredith, Holly, Dumbrella, the folks at Eastworks, and the various other volunteers and otherwise. And did you know they had a licensed masseur on the premises? That's how awesome NEWW was.

The first night, when we wandered from pub to pub, drinking like crazy yet happy people, Maggie lost her jacket. It was possibly stolen right from under her! Meredith took responsibility, even though it totally wasn't hers to take, and she gave Maggie a replacement hoodie from her merchandise. That's how awesome NEWW was.

I shared a table with Randy Milholland. That's how awesome NEWW was.

Ryan North will unbutton his shirt at your command. That's how awesome NEWW was.

I roomed with Jeff Zugale and David McGuire. They stayed mostly clothed. That's how awesome NEWW was.

I had the opportunity to draw Calvin's dad burying him in a shallow grave. That's... how drunk I was. And, I guess, in a roundabout way, that was also how awesome NEWW was.

I got to meet people I've always wanted to meet, and had a blast with them, like Eric and Wednesday Burns-White, and Rene Engstrom, and Paul Southworth, and even some people I didn't go to see, but ended up being really glad I got to hang out with them! That's how awesome NEWW was.

Dedicated fans glad to see me on this side of the continent came to visit! They were all awesome, and I gave as many sketches as I could. I talked so much my voice went kinda bad. That's how awesome NEWW was.

There was no party in the basement. That was kind of disappointing.

Totally worth the 11-hour drive there and the 11-hour drive back! I'd do it again and again and again! And it looks like we'll have that opportunity...