March 18th, 2009


Tiny old dude!

Shortpacked!: Hey it's that comic everyone wanted not-not-published!

Well, there y'go, folks. The comic I deemed unworthy was redeemed by your pleas and can now join the ranks of the published. Now you can link your friends! I'm sure it'll become relevant within a BotCon toy update or two.

Animated Sunstorm came with an Activators Ratchet. Activators are the small-for-kids-sizeclass, and that means they (mostly) auto-transform. When Ratchet's in vehicle mode and you push down on the back edge of the roof, suddenly he's a robot. It's actually kind of fantastic. All you have left to do are open his feet and fold his arm-kibble back.

As such, he's kind of a fun toy to have around. Sometimes the simplest little guys are best for keeping yourself occupied. Getting back into vehicle mode is, of course, more involved, but so long as you remember to put the arm-kibble back before trying to reverse the autotransformation, it's not too bad. Ratchet's one of the best characters on the show, so it's nice to have a little portable version. I'm going on the road to Webcomics Weekend (12 hour drive!) so he may come with me.

Yeah, Maggie and I are hittin' the road probably around 3pm today/Thursday, stay in a hotel somewhere in New York, and then make the rest of our way to Massachusetts on Friday morning. I can't wait!

Technical question: A few days ago, IE readers noticed that the blog, when inlined on the site, started bleeding over into the right. I haven't changed anything about the blog in the past few days (or months!) so I was wondering if anybody had a clue on how I could fix this! The blog is inlined on the front page with a simple ***lj*** tag, and that's basically what it looks like on the HTML page I edit, so there's not a lot that I'm aware of that I can do on my end.