March 17th, 2009


He looks delicious.

Shortpacked!: Can I have a chocolate noose or maybe an electric chair?

Animated Sunstorm is awesome in many ways.

He's not really the first portrayal of Sunstorm in animation -- the first Sunstorm toy ever was based directly on a background generic, who was retroactively decided to be Sunstorm -- but he's the first since the first, and definitely the first based on the color layout of the original toy itself.

He IS the first new Sunstorm toy that sticks to the colors of the first toy. Every Sunstorm after the original Sunstorm toy has trended bright yellow (with some orange accents) rather than being almost entirely solid orange. The solid orange is part of why I thought Sunstorm was so cool! Stop making him yellow! And Animated Sunstorm is even a very, very close approximation of the original's creamsicle orange. It's about as close as different plastic grades can get. (Original Sunstorm is gloss, while Animated Sunstorm is matte.)

Plus this Sunstorm comes with Activators Ratchet. I was kinda tempted by him, so I'm glad I get forced to buy one.

On the cartoon, Sunstorm is the "Sycophant Starscream clone." He's a clone that represents that side of the real Starscream's personality. As such, he isn't much like the original Sunstorm in theme. For example, he doesn't run around claiming to be a God because of his deadly radioactive powers. Though his toy bio does try to bring some of that into the Animated version's deal. It describes his insanity and energy-based powers. Close enough!

My Sunstorm holds together a lot better than my Skywarp, which isn't saying much, but he's not quite as tight as my Starscream. Also, examine him in the box before you buy. Some of him aren't painted very well!