March 16th, 2009



Shortpacked!: Why are they so shy?

Woo! Got Shortpacked! comics done up through Friday, in anticipation of my weekend trip. (Remember that strip that I yanked that you seemed to like anyway? Well, that's Thursday's.) Still need to do the following Monday, Tuesday, and the smattering of other strips I'm in charge of.

Man, I love these Mario things so much. Sure, they're little statues, but they're incredibly-faithfully sculpted and painted. And just the idea of having a bunch of to-scale Mario guys, and all the army-building that implies, tickles me to the friggin' bone.

(And when I say "to-scale," I mean it. Check this size chart out. PopCo does their homework.)

It's been a year since the first wave hit retailers. I was anticipating the Shy Guys the most, I think. I love me some Shy Guys, and I was glad when they started showing up in other Mario stuff after Super Mario Bros 2. Now that I have some, I want to take one of these things, chuck them at someone's head, and see if they fall off the world. They might! Who's to say they won't?

Daisy's another awesome choice, since she's probably my favorite of the two Princesses. She's the crazy one. Just look at those eyes! Daisy's also the one paired up with Luigi, and Luigi's way cooler than Mario, so we know she has taste. And a yellow-and-orange dress instead of pink! Clearly she is the superior Princess.

Oh, and Lakitu! Man. Frankly, I love all these guys. PopCo could not possibly make enough of them.

As always, I'm concerned mostly with the future of the line, and what's in it. If you go to PopCo/MasterReplica's forums, there seems to be some uncertainty. One thread there were rumors of cancellation after this wave. Another thread has the usual Guy Who Knows Stuff saying what's totally in the next wave. Apparently there were some figurines that showed up leaked somewhere that they think belong to this line? Hard to say. PopCo seems pretty tight-lipped on the matter. They haven't said anything about what's beyond Wave 2 since last year's Toy Fair.

Man, if I don't get a Bowser, I'm gonna be pretty mad. But these things are just starting to show up in Targets, not just Toys "R" Us, so it feels like the line has some life in it. Maybe not a lot, but some!