March 15th, 2009


Boox and tripz!

Shortpacked!@TNI: Sorry 'bout that.
Shortpacked!: Revenge of the fallen.

Was gonna have a neat link to the Transformers Wiki for today's regular comic, but it's currently indisposed! Stuff got corrupted during a mediawiki update, and while we're looking for one of our routine backups, a really old version is serving as a placeholder. Nuts.

I did totally find the second wave of Super Mario Bros toys from Popco, right after drawing today's Toy News International strip. Sweet! I'd been getting emails mentioning that they had finally been released, and I was pleased to find them at my local Toys "R" Us so soon. There'll be a Mario-themed comic on Tuesday, hopefully in sync with some photos and a review.

Huge thanks to everyone who preordered Roomies! Book One! I've sent the files off to the printer and we're gonna do this thing! Totally. Check out the full cover attached to today's blogpost!

I'm currently trying to build up a quick buffer, 'cuz this weekend I'm going to be in Massachusetts for New England Webcomics Weekend! Registration is already closed, so those who already planned to go and have registered, I hope to see you there! I, uh, feel weird mentioning my appearance in my blog since it seems like I should be, y'know, hyping it or something, but it'd be a bit meanspirited since the jaws of registration have already been closed. But my travel does affect my ability to be here and do things, so I figger I got to at least mention it.