March 13th, 2009


Otherwise known as The Ultimate Warrior. No, not the wrestler.

Joyce and Walky!: Burnsauce!

Transformers Animated season 3 begins tomorrow (today?) with a 3-episode movie! Check it. Cartoon Network, 8am Saturday morning, Eastern time. Rock it!

(There is a good chance of Hot Shot.)

Hasbro mistakenly shipped me a Vector Prime instead of Inferno, and since it was Busy Holiday Time at the time, I never got around to addressing the mistake. So yesterday I opened the damn thing and started painting it.

If you made Universe Vector Prime's brown into orange and his black into blue, you'd have a perfect Last Autobot. You couldn't ask for a better color breakdown. And in a perfect world, I'd be able to paint over that black with blue, no problem, and it'd look nice and clean. But I know my limitations, and figgered I'd leave most of the black. Instead, I detailed those areas WITH blue, since he has no shortage of little cut out areas you can shove a brush into.

Which worked out pretty nicely, I think! I started out putting orange here and there, and it looked really sharp with the black. So I was glad I kept the black, in the end. It's not 100% accurate, but the Last Autobot is pretty boring if you keep 100% faithful. You need more than two colors.

This one almost wasn't finished, though. I tried an orange wash on the original brown, and that looked so so bad. I tried wiping it off, but I was afraid this required a skill level higher than I possessed. It looked like crap. So I threw the damn thing away. Outside. In the dumpster.

I rescued it a few hours later when I had second thoughts. (Though I seem to have neglected to dig out the missile, and the trash pickup was this morning...)

Anyway, I ended up washing gold paint over his orange places, mostly to help tie him in better with his gold Mini-Con partner. It looks beautiful in person. It really reminds me of those painted background shots of the Ark in the Sunbow cartoon. It also doesn't photograph well at all in my photography studio, so I took a picture of him "in the wild" so you could get a better idea of the actual color.

His sail-like wings are rubbery plastic, so I ain't touchin' 'em. I imagine paint will eventually crack and flake off them like crazy, regardless of how I treat the toy.

He's not an exact match of the color layout of the Last Autobot, but I think my version is better for the adjustments. Now to send him into the attic to magically revive all my busted toys! Sorry, Bludgeon.