March 12th, 2009


That wily ol' buzzard.

Shortpacked!: The morphin' that time forgot.

WHAAAA? Ugly Hill is ended?! Southworth, you will answer for this!

Hey, everybody! Welcome to Episode 391 of David Ruins Things With Paint!

I had a Universe Vector Prime I didn't want, just sittin' around, and so I thought, hey, I don't want that $20 back for returning him. Let's get painturous.

pain⋅tur⋅ous  [peyn-jer-uhs, peynj-ruhs]
1. painting something despite lack of skill, knowing full well the exercise will end in disaster
2. oh god what the hell jesus lord why would you do that

2009; portmanteau of "painting" and "dangerous"

Anyway, I painted Vector Prime's Mini-Con Safeguard as Emirate Xaaron. (My idea was that I would paint Vector Prime as the Last Autobot, which I have also already attempted and failed today, and Xaaron would be his partner.)

Woof! Man, gold paint always looks bad. But Xaaron's gold, so whatcha gonna do. I even tried like thirty different kinds of brown or yellow or weirdish tan, and wiped them all off as I decided I hated them. So under that glittery gold is the remnants of the strata of a wasted evening.

Let's just say that at one point tonight, my creation was in the dumpster outside. I rescued it later when I had a change of heart. I may try the Last Autobot again at another time, who knows. It'll be fun, in a sort of masochistic way.

Oh! I got a number of Roomies! book 1 preorders today, and it may have gotten us to the golden 200. I haven't tallied them up proper, but I thought I should mention that! So the book's gonna be made.