March 11th, 2009

I'm Batman

Stupid pavlovian responses

Shortpacked!: This strip is about-- ...dammit, now I have to go to McDonald's again.

A long, long while ago I picked up one of the Batman: The Brave and the Bold toys! I didn't expect to collect any more of them, but I dig the visual design and so I was okay with just owning a Batman, as sort of a token representation of the line.

Of course, I end up picking up the Batman that demonstrably cannot breathe in space, but what can you do.

The line definitely emphasizes play pattern over RARGH SHOW ACCURATE SCULPTED MASTERPIECES, which is fine by me. These things are for the kids. That's why there's big sockets all over him, so that you can attach his accessories in various ways. The jetpack itself comes apart so you can separate it in chunks across his body, but what's shown here is its usual configuration. It also shoots a missile! Hot damn.

I love the bubble's little bat-ears.

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