March 8th, 2009


Screw this stuff! I get a Hot Shot tomorrow!

Shortpacked!@TNI: You probably won't see this movie.
Shortpacked!: This one, you've probably already seen.

I'm gonna do one last push on the Roomies! Book 1 preorders. We'll see what we can accomplish this week. If we don't hit 200 preorders, I'm going to just have to shelve the book and issue refunds. I hate to do it, but that's why we have preorders in the first place, so I can afford to produce these books for you to have. I can't leave my manufacturer hanging for much longer.

We'll see how we're doing a week from now, on Monday. That'll be the cut-off point. Please, if you've been on the fence, now's the time to decide! I only need 65 30 25 of you. Thanks, everyone!

I don't have the shelfspace or the budget to get many of the "Combat Heroes" line of G.I. Joe, but I do pretty much have to get a Destro. (I am also considering Serpentor.)

Destro comes with Scarlett. She's okay. If I'm forced to get somebody with Destro, she's not a bad choice. Destro himself is pretty neat. He seems big for a "Heroes"-style figure, but lining him next to my Transformer "Robot Heroes," he's not all that much bigger. I think it's mostly the head. His head is pretty huge!

That's okay. Destro's head is the best thing about him. You want to exaggerate the most important feature of a character! For example, if they did Combat Heroes versions of the Original 13 Joes, one would have a giant mustache, one would have a giant yellow beard, one would have a giant communications headset, one would have a giant... nondescript-middle-of-the-road appearance, one would have a giant pair of breasts, one would have a giant mustache-but-on-a-black-guy, one would have a giant set of ninja skills, one would have a giant crew cut... And so on and so forth.

He's got a good range of articulation for a Heroes figure. This means that on top of shoulders and neck articulation, he's also got a waist. Hasbro said future Robot Heroes waves would have additional articulation. I wonder if this is what they mean, or if they'll have more.

My new Universe Hot Shot is scheduled to arrive by UPS tomorrow. I am absolutely vibrating with anticipation.