March 7th, 2009


My red-headed stepRatchet

I took care of my Henkei Ratchet's nasty cartoon-head problem. And it wasn't too hard! His crest comes right off as a separate piece, once you unscrew the head. It's white plastic dunked in dark gray, so I let that thing sit in a bowl of turpentine all day. At the end, what still wouldn't come off I scraped lightly with a wide flat-headed screwdriver. (Wide so that I wouldn't get nasty grooves dug in there. If I'm gonna scrape surface plastic off, I want the tool to scrape uniformly across a wider surface area.)

Painting the head was easy enough. Red on white, easy cheesy. Eyes pop out along with the rest of the light-piping stuff, so you don't gotta dodge the brush around those. Just be careful around the face and "ears," which isn't too hard. I got... some kind of metallic red. Acrylic. Model Masters. Pretty good match!

I'm pretty happy. Now my Ratchet can finally help cook protein cylinders and go kamikaze every other month.