March 3rd, 2009


It's that winning smile.

Shortpacked!: Had to dig WAY back to make sure I got that aide drawn right.

Hey, you know what was fun? When on Inauguration Day, I had a sale of sorts where the first year of Joyce and Walky! was a mere ten bucks. (Usually $24!) You got cheap comics, I got free money, and joy was had by all.

So let's try to get lightning to strike twice. But for what occasion? I dunno. Is Obama still President? I guess. Yeah, um, that's it. For the duration of Wednesday, from midnight to midnight, you can get the first year of Joyce & Walky! for $10. And since a buttload of you already jumped on the opportunity back then, I'll allow $10 for the second year, as well. Basically, you can send just $20 for both the first and second year! Hot damn! So if you've never started on Joyce and Walky!, now's a good time!

Last week I got my most recent order of stickers from! It included an "upgrade" sticker sheet for Universe Prowl. I'd thought Prowl looked a little bare in police car mode and needed more words and logos and stuff, so I was glad to see I could buy a sticker sheet that gave me that.

So on went the "Highway patrol" and "POLICE" on his knees, new "POLICE"+badge stickers for his doors, and a few besides. I did leave some off. A few of them covered up lots of surface detail, like the "POLICE" sticker meant for his front bumper and the stripes for his shoulders, so I didn't use those.

That, plus the parts-swapping a did a bit ago, has given me a pretty heavily personalized Prowl. I do like him more. The gray legs and missile launchers certainly help, and the additional police markings make him more visually interesting.

The Almost-Boobies art went for $200! Not bad, sirs. Thanks to everyone who bid!