March 2nd, 2009


Beardly McBoatship

Shortpacked!: It's not fair when it's done to me!

Oh my God, today's strip was birthed whole-cloth from a real online conversation. I honestly can't believe it. Well, I can, but usually I have to edit these things for a more cohesive presentation. This one came pre-edited.

Someone had purchased stolen toys and taken pictures, they were raided from his photobucket account and posted elsewhere by somebody else, and the outrage was hilarious. I can't find a link to the actual post -- perhaps the exchange was deleted -- but I saved it to a text file. Here it is, names blanked:

Person 1: The toys you guys photograph are supposed to be posted elsewhere too.... like the stores that buy them. But we don't complain

Person 2: That's not really the same. Taking photos from someone's private album is pretty messed up. BLANKO will post this stuff when he gets to it. He's never let any of us down with the figures he gets, so people just need to have a little patience. Jeeze.

I find the phrase "have a little patience" in the context of the guy in favor of getting photos of stolen test shots to the fandom, months before the toy's release, long before their owner is ready to acknowledge their very existence, to be pretty damn friggin' funny.

One of the best things about Shortpacked! is that the strips are often written for me.

Meanwhile, in non-stolen toy news, has put up photographs up of their second exclusive for this year, Scourge. He's a retool of Cybertron Sideways, which is suitable enough, though just like Kup, there are equally-suitable toys that haven't been redecoed very recently. I was kinda hoping for something like Energon Sharkticon. But no big. The head sculpt is actually pretty dang nice. It's hard to make Scourge's head look nondoofy. It's basically a wedge with a big oversided gun on top. That can go wrong very easily. But the design here took enough liberties to ensure that didn't happen. The toy's colors are okay; I think I would have liked some pink somewhere.

I am a little miffed that they've dropped the faction-switch gimmick. They left both slots blank, when it could have swapped between Decepticon and a Unicron symbol or something. Oh well.

(Yes, there were some stolen BotCon toy testshots that showed up today as well, but let's keep those on the downlow here, for those who prefer to be surprised by the official announcement.)

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