March 1st, 2009

I'm Batman


Shortpacked!@TNI: SQUINT.
Shortpacked!: A very punctual death.

That TNI strip ain't kidding! I wonder if they paid for likeness rights.

Guess what? I'm goin' to Connecticon! I'm gonna be a guest! That's pretty sweet. It's July 31-August 2 in Hartford, Connecticut, so mark your calendars! (That's the week after Comic-Con San Diego, for context. Phew, I'll be pooped!) And if you register now the weekend pass is $35! This offer ends March 14th. On March 15th, the weekend price goes up to $45. So if you are planning to go, now is a good time to register!

Meanwhile, there's just two days left on the Joyce-almost-shows-her-boobies art auction.

Batman's rogues gallery!Tonight's strip might have gone better with the image I posted on Friday night's blogpost. D'oh! Well, refresh yourself. Clock King is pretty buff.

But today, have a group shot of all the Batman villain toys I have, who are all now hanging out with their new buddies. I know, there are a few folks missing, like the Mad Hatter, but I prefer to have figures based on the The New Batman Adventures or Justice League designs. I also don't have Talia. Well, actually, I might have a Talia, come to think. Her toy is just eye-bleedingly terrible.

Speaking of terrible, oh, wow, that Poison Ivy. You know, once upon a time, I think my plan was to stick her head on another female body and paint her green. I never got around to that. Tragically.

Hey, Mattel! Make a good TNBA/JLU-style Poison Ivy!

Another note: My Clayface has the grossest, sticky-rubbery surface you could imagine. Man, that plastic doesn't age well.

In other news, apparently scans_daily is no more. Well, I guess today's was Shortpacked!'s last Batman strip, 'cuz why even bother now? Man, they were half the reason I made those things.

Only joking a little.