February 27th, 2009


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Joyce and Walky!: Due to popular demand...

The motherfuckin' Clock King!See? They're a hot ticket!

Look, it's the motherfuggin' Clock King! Man, he's buff. That's what happens when you're mostly Two-Face parts. But I'll totally allow it. Do you know how crazy it is that we got a Clock King toy? He is an old balding man in a suit whose thing is that he's really knowledgeable about train schedules. And yet, so awesome.

My only real beef is the lack of clock hands on his glasses. The reason for this is that this toy is based on the "Taskforce X" appearance of him, where he wore normal glasses. But those glasses are awesome! I may draw them on myself. That should be simple enough.

He fits a lot better on the extra-special JLU stands, mostly because of his wide stance. (is he picking up manwhores in restrooms?) The others kind of lumber off to one side or the other, but he actually takes up all the space. One foot plugs into one of the cup-shaped foot-caverns, and the other fastens right onto the peg on the other side. Not bad. Too bad all it does is make him taller. But it stabilizes him long enough for a photo!