February 24th, 2009


Boobs and other junk.

Shortpacked!: That's a beard you'll have, in the future.

BotCon's expensive, being in California this year, and I suddenly realized I had near-naked boobs in last Saturday's Joyce & Walky! strip. Didn't plan that. Honest!

But because I can, it's up on eBay now. Read everything before bidding! It, of course, doesn't come censored, but...

So it turns out I was a little off on my BotCon Kup speculation. Photos of the production version went up on BotCon.com today, and he's not made from Dirt Boss, but another Cybertron toy, Red Alert.

Generally, when they choose a different mold than I speculated, it's a lateral or upward move, and I'm okay with it. But this, I'm a little disappointed with. The toy is a little frustrating to transform, it's been redecoed way more than Dirt Boss, it's not a pickup truck (he's a rescue vehicle?), and weirdest of all, this Young Kup Toy is a pretty accurate Dodge Magnum. Did they have those on Cybertron in 9,000,000 BC? I also hope that the toy is teal, not blue, and it's just a hard-to-photograph color. I'm sure my opinion will change for the better once I can confirm that he is teal.

The new head is pretty nice, though!