February 22nd, 2009


Turtlenecks are in!

Shortpacked!@TNI: She'll cut you.
Shortpacked!: Have to say, I saw what Amber did first.

You know me. I love my Destros. And Shockblast came with one! That was really efficient.

Have to say, this one's a weird one. Well, probably not weird relative to the amounts of weird that Destro has gone in various directions over the years, but it's still a little unorthodox. He's got a big turtleneck of some sort, for one. (You can remove it if you yank his head off first, but it's not going to look good. He has a TALL neck.) He appears to be in some sort of flight uniform, if flight uniforms include giant spiked boot toes. And the little communications headset that wraps around his beryllium dome, but not very snugly. Mine falls off if you nudge the figure any. He also comes with a little silver six-shooter, which is hilarious for a guy with a giant wired armband.

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