February 20th, 2009


The Battle of Beta 9!

Joyce and Walky!: A full-page strip to make up for its absence last week.

The brochure for BotCon 2009 is up! You can't register yet, but the theme of the toys this year is mentioned in the brochure. "Wings of Honor" seems to feature a young Kup just before the beginning of the war, plus a few others, against the Decepticon Scourge. Woo, Kup! I'm all about the Kup.

We know certain toys are off-limits for use by Fun Publications for this year's set, such as the Movie toys (likeness ownership shared with Dreamworks) and the current Universe toys (believe someone said that somewhere, but it'd make sense, given the stated timeline of the BotCon set's production). Fun Publications also won't use any given Transformer mold again after using it for one year, so that rules out a lot of past toys, plus all of Classics except Astrotrain.

So my guess for Kup is Cybertron Dirt Boss. Kup is short for "pickup truck," so he's gotta be a truck of some sort, he's probably a Deluxe, and so that narrows things down a whole lot. It also helps that Dirt Boss has never ever been redecoed before, which is rare in Transformers. Do him in teal, give him a new noggin, and kablammo! The image to the left is my best estimate of how I envision him.

(Actually, no. I whipped up that image super-fast. I already had a mockup using Dirt Boss when I suggested him for pre-Beast Wars Optimus Primal, so all I had to do was swap around a few colors on my work-already-done. It's not really my best estimate at all, but it's my safest one.)

The set also features a new guy named Landshark! You heard me.