February 19th, 2009


The Blastification of G.I. Joe

Shortpacked!: Rise of the Yellow Reich.

My pal Paul Taylor of Wapsi Square is gearing up preorders for a statue of his character, Monica. Go check it out!

I've began talks with some different peeps to do a statue of my own, but I'll save more on that for later. Let me know if you'd be interested in an Amber statue!

Man, I spent a bit of this morning cleaning up Impotent Rage. I was rewarded handy proof of my strip's accuracy when I woke up to see the widespread vandalism of everything I run, am affiliated with, plus a few Wikipedia articles besides. Next time, folks, remember, I have an email address. You don't have to break things. There were plenty of people yesterday who used words constructively to express their dissatisfaction. Being unable to do even that is why I make fun of you in the first place.

(I will take this moment to say that if any of you catch anybody act like stupid vandal monkeys on my behalf, let me know, because I would like to go yell at them. I prefer to believe that I have cultivated a slightly less childish following.)

My reason for purchasing Shockblast, to the left, was nostalgia squared. He was originally called Shockwave when I was a kid, and I owned him. He was one of the very few G.I. Joes I owned as a kid, and one of the even fewer G.I. Joes that I specifically sought out.

And why? Because he shared a name with Shockwave, a Transformer. I'm serious. As a nine-year-old, I went after G.I. Joe Shockwave because I was nostalgic for the name Shockwave, and I bought him as an adult because I was nostalgic for me having owned G.I. Joe Shockwave. There is absolutely no objective, rational reason for me liking this guy. Well, okay, I like his blue. And I like his hat. But beyond that? I am a madman.

That said, Shockblast's new toy isn't bad by a long shot. He comes with two guns (which fit neatly in thigh-mounted pockets), a hat, a helmet, and a gas mask. (Oh, and he comes with a Destro, which is not insignificant.) So there's a lot of stuff he can do, though I doubt I'll ever take the awesome hat off. Sadly, the gas mask doesn't seem to fit under it very well, so you have to choose if you want a snug fit. Also, the web gear doesn't close very well on the one side. That's a bit annoying.

But what is most awesome about Shockblast is his Secondary Military Specialty. It's "Choir."

He's a tenor.

Hasbro owns the trademark for "Shockwave" now, so I presume they could have called him that if they wanted. But I'm guessing they didn't, just to keep Shockwave as a TF name and Shockblast as a G.I. Joe name. That's my theory, anyway.