February 18th, 2009


A Dinobot once-removed

Shortpacked!: Adventures in Joke (de)Construction.

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This blog doesn't always have to spotlight the newest of action figures! Just before I left for Indiana, I'd purchased a Beast Wars Neo Hardhead, because I've had an itch to accumulate every use of the original Dinobot mold. It's not going to happen overnight, especially since one or two of them are probably a tad more expensive than I want to blow money on right now, but it doesn't mean I can't hack away at achieving the dream.

Hardhead was Japan's attempt to retool the Dinobot mold into another sort of dinosaur, a Pachycephalosaurus. It's kind of a stretch, if only because it leaves a lot of the worst parts of Dinobot untouched. It still has those totally made-up dinosaur feet, for example, and those forelimbs aren't a Pachy's by a mile.

All that was clear translucent orange on the original Dinobot was replaced by new parts, which includes the legs, the inner torso, and the heels. Both robot and dinosaur heads were also replaced, of course, the latter with a new Pachy-like noggin. When you open the mouth, the little bony skull hat raises. Neat? One improvement is the detailing on the legs. The new tooling makes up slightly for the fact that the dinosaur mode has these robot legs hanging off of it. The insides of the robot legs, since they rotate during transformation, are sculpted to have dino hide detailing, and so the robot parts are thus hidden in that mode. Of course, there's still those feet to contend with, but oh well.

Hardhead was eventually released and recolored as Dinotron, which I'll pick up at some point. It'll be easy and cheap enough. I don't expect to pay more than $20, and can probably get away with $15. But Hardhead is by far the prettiest of the two. Purple and teal works for me, while Dinotron's green and yellow is a little too conventional.