February 17th, 2009

I'm Batman

Killer Moth!

Shortpacked!: Don't point fingers on ridiculousness, Slade. Your name is Deathstroke the Terminator.

I've explained my methodology for choosing DC Universe Classics figures back in my review of Deathstroke the Terminator. But considering so far I've only gotten him and Killer Moth, perhaps the simplest pattern is "villain who showed up in the Teen Titans cartoon."

Killer Moth is pretty awful-looking, but for me, that's a large part of the appeal. They don't make villains like this anymore! In fact, they usually tend to turn villains like these into scary moth monsters so that there aren't any villains like this anymore. I mean, dude, check out those pants. Is he auditioning for the role of Nanny in Muppet Babies? What's with those dopey antenna? And does he have to use purple, orange, green, watermelony pink, and yellow? And that's not even counting the red eyes! He is a glorious affront to the visible light spectrum.

So, you know me, I just had to have him.

Killer Moth, the character, was conceived as a sort of anti-Batman. Whereas Batman protected the innocent, Killer Moth protected the guilty. And for a fee! Comic books quickly decided he wasn't particularly awesome, and so he's evolved into a punchline. He never showed up at all in any of the Bruce Timm-helmed animated series, and his appearances in both Teen Titans and The Batman were played for comedy. His Teen Titans version is still my favorite by far, mostly because the idea of a supervillain who has to cater to every whim of his annoying teenage daughter is hilarious. That, and I adore the design. It's a long shot, but I want a good toy of it some day.

The toy itself isn't nearly as fun as Deathstroke's. Deathstroke's appeal is in his wide range of weapons. Plus, Deathstroke wasn't just a standard DCUC body with a new head and wings. Killer Moth does have one weapon, a handheld space gun of some sort, which can holster in his belt. Holsters are always a plus! The gun comes packaged in his right hand, but it's kind of too loose to stay securely there, so I've made him a lefty. The wing assembly doesn't seem to have any gimmick. It's just installed with glue.

As noted in today's comic, he does also come with Kalibak's giant torso, which in theory compensates for his lack of accessories. Too bad I don't plan to get the rest of this wave! Killer Moth could probably stand triumphant over this quadriplegic foe if you were so inclined. ...hmmm, I wonder if the Solomon Grundy arm that I got with Deathstroke would fit in the arm socket...