February 16th, 2009


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Shortpacked!@TNI: Excitement!
Shortpacked!: Drama!

It was weird. Maggie and I have to share a laptop here, and the Internet is really spotty and will only connect in one corner of the house. (I steal it from the Methodist church across the street, since the wireless we have here won't seem work.) But AMC had Blazing Saddles on, so I was coloring today's strip in front of the television, instead of in the corner where I can access the church's wifi. I usually use previous strips and either of the Cast limited prints as a color palette, to keep colors consistent, so without Internet, I had to guess at the colors for today's strip as best I could. I was actually amazingly close to Amber's, but Robin's, I was pretty far from. I totally got Jacob's hair wrong. It was way more blond than dishwater blond. But when I got back to the "Internet corner," I managed to correct most of the mistakes.


Will probably be driving home to Ohio tomorrow. Hopefully will have enough time left in the evening to draw Tuesday's strip. It may be late! I feel weird saying that. I'm usually more timely. But, you know... things happen sometimes.

I miss my aunt.


Shortpacked!: It satisfies.

So the online exclusive JLU Gotham City Criminals 4-pack goes up for sale today/tomorrow (Tuesday the 17th). People who are familiar with MattyCollector.com's previous exclusives... when in the day do they go up for order? Midnight? Morning? Noon? Whenevs? Edit: It's up now!

Saturday was the beginning of Toy Fair 2009, but since I was busy with a family matter, I wasn't able to properly glom all over the photos with you! Here's some stuff that interested me:

Diamond Select
*Hottest President ever! No, not Palin.
*Playsets are back?
*Half-naked orthodontists!
*So, this means a Circuit Breaker, right?
*The happiest Hutt.
*This Transformers 2 dude is 100 bucks big.
*I bought that Mutt Williams toy for nothing!
*Mr. Scoops!
*A G1-based Arcee car-former? In glittering pink? Yes, it's the apocalypse.
*If he doesn't take over the Decepticons, I'm gunning for you, Derrick Wyatt.
*Stop making Last Crusade sets, dammit! I'm only so strong!
*Bought this palette disaster today, actually.
*My prayer for Batman Robot Heroes knockoffs has been answered.
*...wow, Sprang-tastic!
*Woohoo! Farnsworth! Hermes! Mom!
Wild Planet
*More Skeleflex!


Anyway, back to my huge pile of backlogged stuff! I'll be up to my neck in work for a while. Translated: Time to watch The Daily Show.